Our Vision

Through partnership and collaboration we seek to provide the best learning and outcomes for all children and young people in Cumbria. We will work relentlessly to achieve the ambition of every Cumbrian school, setting and provider being great. Collectively, as a system, we will work to ensure that every learner in our county is the best they can be.

CASL and the LASLs:
What’s it all about?  What’s it for?  How does it work?

Children and young people live in communities.  Each community has the responsibility for the education within it.  At a fundamental (and local) level, this is provided by individual schools / settings.

Young people’s academic skills, enthusiasm for learning and many personal/social skills are nurtured in individual schools.  However, schools do not operate as islands.  Ours are part of a Cumbria-wide community, which can both enrich and protect the learning experience.

CASL and LASLs recognise this wider responsibility and potential.  CASL and LASLs is a structure which supports (and, if necessary, drives) the improvement work throughout education settings in Cumbria.  It is a collaborative system drawing on the strengths of all partners.  We aim for much of its work to be proactive and preventative.  It will also respond to leadership & management crises, sudden data-driven concerns, and Ofsted category requirements.

The aim is to create a robust system with the capacity

  • To identify improvement needs
  • To create action plans for improvement, to be supported by relevant partners
  • To review success

To this end, many partners in school improvement work have joined to create this new system.  Bringing a variety of expertise and responsibilities to the group are: schools, academies, colleges, nurseries, the Diocesan Boards of Education, the University of Cumbria, Teaching School alliances, the Local Authority and The National College for Teaching and Leadership.  The partnerships will no doubt continue to evolve, as the educational landscape shifts.

Guiding Principles for colleagues working with schools & settings

This guidance is intended to ensure that the work of colleagues supporting agreed school improvement foci in schools and settings on behalf of the Cumbrian Alliance of System Leaders (CASL) and associated partners is of the highest quality and that judgements about a school or setting are fair, consistent, rigorous and based on secure evidence.

Colleagues working on behalf of CASL and its partners will:

  • Act ethically at all times with integrity and moral purpose in the best interests and well-being of the children, young people and adults of Cumbria;
  • Respect all educational professionals and partners in Cumbria;
  • Develop effective methods of communication to maintain productive focus and ensure transparency in exploring identified issues;
  • Openly share and exchange intelligence and information which will assist in objective and impartial evaluation in line with the shared vision;
  • Hold schools, settings and each other to account in trust and mutual respect and report judgements honestly and fairly based on accurate and reliable evidence;
  • Establish effective relationships that enable the promotion of self-improving and self-supporting system behaviours;
  • Determine, communicate and apply effective strategies to ensure the achievement of shared goals;
  • Respond flexibly and adapt appropriately to meet the needs of different partners;
  • Ensure messages are consistent and loyal to the intentions of CASL;
  • Endeavour to make the best use of resources, and
  • Be accountable to CASL through the Local Alliances of System Leaders (LASL).